January 6, 2012


Today was the best sort of London day; it was cold and sunny, the skies were clear and open-eyed. I think, I'm finally breathing-
1. The thrill of saying the word palace- that one is within your reach, and the stone feels cool. The reaching far back into the past and tumbling breathlessly into the future, this building that has stood there silently and watched London change, has held royalty in its grasp, will live unyielding long after you've passed.
2. Drinking mushroom soup alone and finally being warm (is there any better feeling than that of feeling warm again after a blustery cold walk).
3. Striding through tube stations with absolute certainty (in reality just a quick sign reader), carried along by the winds that hurl through the tunnels of the stations and emerges gaspingly into the slap of cool air.
4. The Tate is a museum that allows one to breathe. I don't really *get* modern art, but there is no better or truer feeling that standing in front of a piece of art and having your breath smooshed out of you. I think I try too much to intellectualize art, but now I really do feel like art is just a visceral gut-wrenching sort of experience. 
5. Curling up on a couch with a cold fruit smoothie and a full tummy and finally being able to be truly grateful for the many many blessings that life has offered, that life continues to offer.
I need to hold on to this fiercely and not let it go.

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