February 27, 2012

Fashion week street style: muted

Berkeley's been hit by a cold front (about time; all that sun and cloudless unblinking skies were making me antsy)- but now all I can think about is glorious Spring and not wearing tights. I'm getting bored of my closet; am thinking of packing up some clothes and selling them off at Buffalo Exchange, so I turned to street style blogs for some inspiration and WOW. It is the documented street style at fashion week that makes fashion week the astoundingly inspirational time it is, I think- seeing real people interpreting runway looks in their own ways. I'm all for crazy prints and textures and fashion as art, but what really draws me is how practical some of these looks are and how easily they would fit into my closet.

A collection of images, part 1:

More to come! I have Part 2 scheduled for tomorrow morning because there were SO many images that I wanted to save! I really should get a Pinterest account. But- I love the neutral layers, that AMAZING skirt in the bottom-most left picture, the slouchy yummy leather bags (that shade of maroon is so gorgeous), the strong red lip. Really inspiring me to up my game with my dressing! I have been in such a boring, formal-professional rut these past few weeks and I don't really feel myself when I'm not having fun with my clothes.

Sorry if that sounded vacuous. I just like clothes a lot, okay??

Now back to my paper and huddling indoors. The Berkeley cold was such a slap to the face after the sunny warmth of LA!

Images from Refinery29, Jak & Jil, and Harper's Bazaar


  1. gen - gorgeous pictures! i really like the first picture, especially her lovely coat!!

    and I have the same issue! love looking at all these wonderfully dressed people in street photography pics but when it comes to my day-to-day school dressing, I just get so LAZY!!! it's only on holiday when I try harder to dress better. But then I'm limited by luggage space! Haha!

    1. YES I love that shade of muted forest green! And yeah I totally know what you mean- I get super annoyed on vacation because half my closet (AND WHAT I WANT TO WEAR AT THAT TIME) isn't with me and I always tend to overpack or underpack- I have yet to find that sweet spot!

      And Sarah P, these 2 fashion week street style posts are dedicated to you ;)

  2. AWWW gen that's so sweet! Major brownie points + (will continue to) check in to read your blog regularly haha! :D

    p.s. even after taking SO many weekend trips on exchange, I still have not mastered the art of packing light! So I always end up overpacking but then panicking becos I can't find a specific piece of clothing I want!!! Sigh... capsule wardrobes totally don't work for me!! Maybe you should do a post on what you would pack for a trip for diff types of weekends! (all those magazines LIE, LIE I TELL YOU when they say you can bring a sarong & wear it 10 different ways!)