February 20, 2012

Found type in Singapore

Just stumbled upon this really interesting Tumblr with pictures of interesting typefaces in Singapore. I think it is so easy to cast aspersions on a country's cultural development when one is far away- I think too many people, even in Singapore, just write us off as having had our creativity stamped out in favour of science, having given up our political rights to freedom of speech, and being stale and clinical and boringly safe. There is definite truth in that, but then I stumble on sites like these and it just reminds me how beautiful Singapore can be, not just in the clean, sleek, modern way that we have come to expect of our terrifyingly efficient country, but also in the little pockets of beautiful type we gloss over all too quickly.

I wonder who Doris Tay is- everytime I see that name I remember what Belle said at PE...!! Okay back to a paper that I NEED to get done by tonight and that I'm barely halfway through- Presidents' Day, where have you gone?? No adventures to be had during recruiting and midterm season I'm sad to say ):

Images from Found Type in Singapore tumblr

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