February 21, 2012

Photos of food

One of the things that Dan and I have been trying to do a lot of this semester is to eat at different/ interesting/ new places more often. Asian Ghetto (completely misleading name for the non-Berkeleyans, it is neither ghetto nor is it entirely Asian- there's a Mexican place, a donut bakery, and an Italian restaurant in that area). So here are some iPhone photos of our food adventures:

[1] Valentine's dinner at Bella Trattoria in San Francisco: the people were really nice but I think the food was a little overpriced. The gnocchi was DELICIOUS and the desserts were to die for (seriously the best tiramisu I've ever had, and that includes the ones I had in Italy), but it was a really adorable little place and it was a really nice romantic dinner. Also, I wish I'd taken a better photo of the dress that I wore that day, it looks like a muddy mess in the photo but it's actually gorgeous and I wish I could live in it (it's a little too dressy for everyday though)
[2] Dan bought an Ici's ice cream bombe for us to share (was supposed to be dessert, but we ended up having it for breakfast the next morning because we were too full the night before)- hazelnut and vanilla and chocolate MHMMM. I think one of the places that I will miss the most about Berkeley when I leave is Ici's. Seriously delicious ice cream.

[3] A map made out of car plates from a little store in Petaluma. We stopped there because I was feeling a little sick after our RIDICULOUSLY DELICIOUS crab lunch from Spud Point Crab Company in Bodega Bay. I still dream about that crab sandwich, I really do. A hand's span of bread literally stuffed with crab meat and a dab of mayo. Better than eating freshly cooked crab because they do all the shell cracking for you!!
[4] Sandwiches from Wood Tavern that we had for lunch. I had the cod sandwich and Dan had the pork belly, and both were extremely delicious. Boys would really like the pork belly because it's a lot heavier and meatier. the cod was very girly and light. Wood Tavern's one of those restaurants I really wanted to eat at before leaving Berkeley, and I think their lunch menu's very reasonably priced (compared to their dinner menu, which is a little more expensive).

[5] The cutest little coffee set from Wood Tavern! That teeny little milk bottle- I DIE. Went into squeals of excitement when I saw it- all rather embarrassing. Plus there were sugar cubes in that little blue pot, and you know I love me a good sugar cube.
[6] THE best seared ahi tuna sandwich you will ever have. (Obviously not in the picture; the picture is of the buzzer they give you to collect your food when it's done; I thought it was a nifty play on words because the place is called Gott's Roadside in addition to yes, being grammatically incorrect.) I have been DREAMING about eating this burger since Dan brought me across the bay to this place and this is not an exaggeration at all. It is that delicious. We had lunch outside on a bright sunny California day and I have never felt so content that I chose to study in California since.

[7] and [8] Suitably awed expressions of excitement at our brunch at Cafe M in Fourth Street, Berkeley. It was pretty good- I ordered a crab cake (I love crab cakes, if you can't already tell)- eggs benedict scramble thing, and Dan ordered stuffed French toast. Super yummy- I remember thinking that my potatoes were cooked weird and the hollandaise sauce a little strange as well, but it was generally a good meal.

Wow, we've been spending a ton of money on food lately (looks shamefacedly away), plus I'm going to have at least 2 extremely delicious [and expensed...] meals in LA this week, but WHY OH WHY is there so much good food in the Bay Area? Anything else I need to check out?? We're planning a trip up to Seattle and also Napa Valley (now that all our friends are legitimately, ahem, 21) soon and I can tell I'm just going to roll myself back down to Berkeley after.

Oh well. To school I rush, hungry again (for food, not for learning, though I feel that it really should be the other way round at this point)!

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