February 6, 2012

Plastic fantastic

Is there anything more exciting than a Monday full of meetings??
Well, yes, but I have an unholy love for meetings and busyness and so I think I'm really going to enjoy the Monday ahead.

These adorable pops of color caught my eye this weekend- they're designed by Singaporean designer Rayson Tan as part of his label, L'ile aux Ashby, and I love how he's layered acrylic to make such sculptural jewelry. THOSE EARRINGS. I'm a sucker for obnoxiously loud earrings, and this pair does that to perfection.

A minor gripe, though. I love the products but I dislike pretentiousness, and the website is a pain to navigate, but talent is talent and these are still so covetably well-designed.

First image from Qin at the Disco, and the rest from the L'ile aux Ashby Facebook page.

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