February 23, 2012

Thursday music: pumped

Headed to LA later today for an interview- I felt like a rockstar when I told my parents that a firm was paying for my airfare and hotel and everything...! I am such a big girl now ;) I'm nervous but really excited at the same time- traveling for the first time with a good friend and I think that's why I'm more excited than stressed at this point!

Music that has been making me happy this past week:

1. Light a Roman Candle with Me, by fun.
2. Mom and Daughter, by Pep Talk
3. Painting by Chagall, by The Weepies

Pep Talk is one of the new Baybeats audition bands. I really like their sound; it's so fun and rollicking and very '60s. And the photo was taken via Instagram- Dan insists that it's a great shot of his CAR, but I think that it's a great shot of how Spring is exploding into Berkeley. Today we had such bright sunshine that I didn't even need to wear a coat out! In February! I think I took it after coming home from eating dimsum in Oakland, and it's a great memory of our really chill long weekend.

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