March 17, 2012

St Patrick's Day

Of everything that makes me feel awkwardly international, special holidays top the list. Halloween, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, St Patrick's Day... I just haven't grown up with these traditions (my roommate freshman year was so shocked that I had never gone Trick or Treating in my life that she actually brought me out that night and we fought over candy alongside adorably small kids. We lost.) and it just not ingrained in me yet to celebrate these days.

Well. We had our midpoint presentation today (it was so great. Definitely could have done some things a lot better, but I learned so much just by being in the room- just such an amazing experience), and we capped it off with lunch at Thirsty Bear. The beer was so good!! So in celebration of St Patrick's Day, beer, and all things green:

Some of my favourite green things I've been creepily stalking on the internet!

I'm not a huge beer drinker by any means (ha ha, the amount of alcohol I drink is laughably low), but I've been really surprised by how yummy some microbrewed beers are! One of my group mates for a class project actually has this whole microbrewing set up in his kitchen and so we get to try new beers all the time when we're at his house for meetings. It is delicious, and I haven't died yet, so that's great.

[1] Hunter Boots [2] Paris Postcard set from little brown pen [3] Green onyx teardrop earrings from Amy Fine Designs [4] Topshop Tuck Neck shift dress [5] Clare Vivier La Pochette clutch [6] My all-time favourite beer: Goose Island's 312 Urban Wheat Ale (image via Midwest Beer Collective)

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