March 8, 2012


Tonight I watched the movie Sylvia, about Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath's relationship, and leading up to her suicide. I think it really affected me more than it should have. At the end of the movie, when Plath is breaking down right before her suicide and she says, "I am so tired. I'm just so tired. I just need to sleep a little. I am so tired."- that's what I feel like everyday to some extent. I think it's just where we're at in the semester right now, but I just feel so emotionally and mentally drained. I know I shouldn't complain, but I am so on edge about the summer and so tired of doing everything that I just want to hide under my blanket and not do anything (i.e. what I've done today), I feel like there's so much to do I don't want to face the reality of the piles of work I have facing me.

Anyway. I got such a kick out of identifying the passages they were quoting (e.g. King Henry IV Part 1! I memorized that speech when I was 15 because we studied that play for the 'O' Levels! The Wife of Bath from Chaucer! I wrote a paper on her 4 semesters ago!)
And. I really love the outfits and the makeup in this film:

The nipped-in waists, the midi-length skirts, the pearls and red lipstick. I wish life were as simple as what to wear tomorrow. I think I'd do quite well if it were so.


  1. i so TOTALLY identify with the "i am tired" bit.. at least for last term. this term has been much easier to breathe. =)

    sorry Gen having deactivated the usual social media i am now stalking your blog religiously because it is my only reprieve from horrible readings!

    1. That's good :) I'm glad this term is much better for you! and haha no worries, I hope my blog has been sufficiently entertaining!