March 22, 2012

Thursday music: breathing in

1. God Made Man, by Young the Giant
2. The Reckoning, by Needtobreathe
3. The Cave, by Mumford and Sons

I honestly believe that I will eventually feature every single Young the Giant song on Thursday music.
Quick inhales/ long exhales- only two more days before Spring break!! Seven days of being with my favourite person, meeting up with good friends, listening to good music, and frolicking in cherry blossomed parks. Yes, please.

Image from Tumblr; if anyone can help me out I'll be happy to credit more appropriately!


  1. Gen! Hope you're well - have been catching up on your posts after my easter trip!

    Anyway, I found this lovely vintage blogshop that I thought you might like - I actually went into the real shop when I was in Amsterdam and they gave me a namecard which I forgot about until now!

    I think the clothes are abit too vintagey for me but I LOVE the bags! :D

  2. ahhh forgot the blogshop -

    1. Oh gosh, I LOVE stores like that! There's this absolutely charming little craft store in Bath that I almost dropped 50pounds in on fabric alone haha. And yes the bags are so gorgeous and I'm drooling over the Mad Men-esque dresses!