March 8, 2012

Thursday music: restless

Just kind of want to run away and not do anything for a long, long time. I feel so restless in my skin, so jittery all the time. I have nothing to complain about, I don't. But at the same time I feel so desperately restless and not myself at all. I love these images from Louis Vuitton: they paint such an ethereal image of this exoticized India. [insert issues of colonialism, othering, denigrating of the darker skinned other into a subservient position, privileging of the white foreigner in exotic land, ETC.] YES. I know. But these images are still beautiful.

We've been reading black feminist lesbian criticism and identity politics in my literary theory class. The concepts are completely getting to me, as you can tell.

1. Speaking a Dead Language by Joy Williams
2. Crows + Locusts by Brooke Fraser
3. Bluebird by Christina Perri

I just want to be certain of something, of one thing, of a concrete thing in my life right now. I feel like I am excellent at handling ambiguity in my work life: everything can really be reduced to a to-do list/ if we structure our analysis to this problem sufficiently, we'll be able to solve MOST of the problem and understand where we can't. Not in personal life, where issues are so beyond your control and all you can do is wait and hope.

At least Auyong (and Tony, hello if you're reading!) visited Berkeley tonight. Great surprise :)

Images from Louis Vuitton

p/s Published at 11.59pm: the most snuck in Thursday music ever!!


  1. Love these photos! The bight colors are so inspiring!

    1. Louis Vuitton is really a marketing genius! I always love their images :)