April 17, 2012

Earth Week

In celebration of Earth Week, I've been (more diligently than usual, and I'm already a total electricity Nazi thanks to my mother) a lot more careful about turning lights off in my apartment, recycling/ composting, turning off the taps properly, etc. But I also love these illustrations by talented Singaporean illustrator Linette Cheong from her series Saving Blue:
You can get them on t-shirts, canvas tote bags, iPhone covers, and pins as well. And I know technically this is about the seas i.e. the diametric opposite of earth (land), but seas are important too! Plus, look at how disappointed other earth-bound animals would be if you didn't think about their sea-bound compatriots as well. Hehe.

Learn more about Linette from her interview on ObscuRed
All images from her website

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