April 8, 2012

Easter people

There's a lot of hype about Christmas, but to me the truest expression of God's love for us is manifested during the Holy Week. On Good Friday I went to a tenebrae service, and it was so incredibly moving. When all the lights went off to symbolize Jesus' death, emptiness, and aloneness in the tomb, it just shocked me back into a realization of the incredible sacrifice that Jesus made for us.

I don't usually talk about faith on my blog, mainly because I have been very distant from God in my time at college. I know that the fault lies squarely on my shoulders because I have been incredibly lazy and passive about reaching out to a new church group, but even through it all, God has been so very very faithful. When I think of what God has given us with Jesus, I think not just the tangible gift of life after death, but fearlessness in life. It's hope-- blind faith in the impossible that a man can rise from the dead. That our sins can be obliterated through the sacrifice of a willing man. That a person can live life without having the heavy weight of worry on her heart.

This Easter, I really want to embrace that. I read a quote online that really struck me:
"Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are Easter people, and Hallelujah is our song" Pope John Paul II
And it is so very true, even though it is so very hard to enact in reality. So for the rest of the semester--I CHOOSE to be an Easter person. I choose joy, peace and thankfulness over bitterness, disappointment, and frustration. Because those are the gifts that God has given us through Jesus, and there's no reason why we should not accept them.

Happy Easter :)

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