April 4, 2012

Pastels and Spring

For some reason (maybe because I'm constantly up to date through blog surfing + Twitter), I feel extremely influenced by the trends this season: pastels (MINT PANTS. I am so glad you are mine), pops of neon, coral nails and lipstick. Sometimes I feel so terribly unfashionable because I have this ideal image of what I want my outfit to look like but I never seem to get there because of the pieces in my closet- drives me insane and makes dressing up less fun than it should be. Anyone feel like that? How do you get past that (without shopping)? Before leaving for the east coast I cleaned out my closet and made $68 at Crossroads and $5 at Buffalo Exchange in store credit selling off my stuff so I am so ready to add pieces to my closet that I'll love: a faux fur vest, a polka dotted shirt. Which isn't technically shopping!! I'll put up a post on my selling experience in a bit.

But PASTELS. I have this nagging fear that I don't look as good in them as I hope to (darn pale Asian skin!) but I press on doggedly nonetheless! Ruche's lookbooks have always been a huge source of inspiration for me, but the recent Spring 2012 lookbook completely blew my mind:

The handmade elements! Those KITES and GIANT FLOWERS. Wow. It reminds me of Tim Walker's photography (I am unashamed to say that I bought Vogue's April issue based solely on some images I saw online of his shoot at the Ritz Paris with Kate Moss).

So basically I just wrote an entire blog post to squeal about my love for pastels and Ruche lookbooks. I swear I'm more substantively intellectual in real life (though I fear I might be lying to myself!)

Photography by Elizabeth Messina, images from Ruche via M Loves M

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