April 5, 2012

Pick me up

Since getting back from Spring break (3 days ago!), I've been having days that are just so insanely packed--I've been running around Berkeley and San Francisco rushing from appointment to meeting, and it's controlled madness to some extent. I know I'll burn out if I continue this crazy 9am-9pm schedule, but I've been motivating myself with these handy pick-me-ups:

In the morning before leaving for the day

[1] Getting dressed in my mint pants! Or, let's be honest, just looking at them hanging in my closet already makes me happier. I love the colour, the cut, the myriad of possibilities. I bought mine second hand from Crossroads, but the ones in this picture are from Topshop (another pair I like here)- I would definitely not wear my pants with that belt though, so please ignore that.

[2] Taking a shower with the Sabon Sweet Summer body scrub. This has changed my life. Changed my life, I'm telling you. This is better described as a kiwi mango scent (its alternative name), and I'm in LOVE. I got it when I was in New York, and I literally gasped out loud after I washed it off in the store because my hands felt so smooth and gorgeous! Dan tried the Gentleman scent (my second choice) and he kept grumbling that it was unmanly to have such soft hands. Now you know.

[3] Highlighting my cheeks with the Dior Shimmer Star Amber Diamond. This was one of the giant splurges when I was in Paris- I couldn't resist purchasing it when I was on Avenue des Champs-Élysées because I mean, Dior's French, and what better French souvenir than gorgeous makeup from France? Right? (Yes I know that you can purchase this also in the US at Sephora, but I'm trying to rationalise this purchase and I won't be impeded!!) It is so natural and makes me look like a functioning human being, so I will probably repurchase this for all time because that is how happy it makes me.

At night upon getting home

[4] Is there anything better than softly lit candles? Mine was $3 at Ikea and it has the most lovely apple scent. One day when I am no longer a poor college student (that day seems never to arrive), I will up the stakes with Diptyque or Jo Malone candles but until that happy day I will stick to my cheap scents from Ikea!

[5] Today after my exhausting day I got home and popped two of these babies into my mouth in under 5 minutes. I went a little insane at Ladurée in New York and purchased $40 worth of them, but their rose macarons are ridiculous. No regrets. Only a deep, keening sadness when my box finally runs out.

[6] Reading The Hunger Games, a.k.a. the most talked about books in the last month. I read the entire series over Spring break. Twice. The night before my interview in New York I stayed up until 3am reading the first book because I literally could not tear my eyes off the page. It's the perfect blend of great writing and easy adventure that has made it my loyal companion for the past 3 nights after a long day.

How did Spring break pass by so quickly?? It was such a good break though, I definitely would not have survived these past 12 hour days without those really relaxing couple of days. Only wish it were longer- but then again I know my workaholic self would get bored and freak out if it were.

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