April 11, 2012

Rest needed

I was taking some photos of my apartment today for a potential subletter, and I just wanted to share a little peek into my apartment for any friends interested. I think this is one of my favourite pictures of my room (even though you can totally see my messiness and stacks of books!)

Oh rumpled comforter and bright beaming windows, I'm going to miss you when I'm gone. I was going to go to work today (It's my strict spend less earn more policy before the summer), but I just felt incredibly overwhelmed by all the stuff I needed to get done-- it seriously never ends! So I decided to stay home for a leisurely morning of photo taking, emailing, choosing classes, and cleaning.

This morning was really good for me though. I've been really stressing out about the paper due tomorrow and haven't really been able to write. Not needing to go into work today and being able to schlep around in my PJs crossing little things off my to-do list has been awesome. I can't believe I'm actually saying this but-- you need a little break from your schedule once in a while!

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