May 22, 2012

Another barn

Well, clearly I've been attracted to barns lately (last post on a vintage barn here), but this home- Bonnie's, from Going Home to Roost, is just absolutely spectacular. It is just so full of light! One of the main reasons (besides finding a plastic basketball hoop stand slung over my 3rd floor balcony in the middle of the night... yeah, that's another story) why I moved out of my old apartment was because I felt stifled all the time under fluorescent light. I think Bonnie has done an amazing job capitalizing on that amazing view and light, and I love all the charmingly handmade details to the house!

And yes, this is also in fact a barn. This one's in California, near the Santa Ynez mountains (agh, how amazing is that), sits on a neighbouring vineyard, and has a hayloft that serves as a guest bedroom. I die. This is completely my grown up home dream.

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