May 11, 2012

Friday Favourites: May 11th

I can't believe this is the absolute last day of my junior year. It's just crazy that I'll be graduating in SIX MONTHS and I will no longer be an undergraduate and no longer have the excuse of youth for frivolity and mistakes. Some Friday Favourites, while thinking about graduating and all the many lovely friends who are soon to be graduates:

1. Bear prints/ potential craft project inspired by EndofMarch

We are the California Golden Bears, and I think this would be a really easy craft project that the graduate could hang up as art in her new apartment! I think the variations are endless-- bear cut-outs of pictures of Cal/ photos with friends/ inspiring quotes or images... and this can obviously be adapted to suit any other mascot as well (except maybe the tree. haha oh Stanford)

2. These gorgeous paper calla lilies featured on Oh Happy Day

This tutorial was for mother's day, but I think this would be perfect for a graduating senior as well! All the bouquet and none of the waste!

3. State map chalkboard from Dirtsa Studio via the Drifter and the Gypsy

Especially for those moving out-of-state... California Forever!! I love its vintage feel and how perfect it would be hanging near a desk! I use wayyy too many post-its for keeping track of my to-dos, and I think this would be a much more environmentally-friendly way of making lists.

Dear seniors (you know who you are, and many of you don't read this blog anyway), Cal will be so different without you around. You have been incredible and you have left HUGE shoes for us to fill. I cannot imagine Cal without you, but go forth and change the world - you will all do amazing things.

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