May 15, 2012

In love with this house

I fell head over heels in love the minute I saw this house. It's made primarily from recycled materials and vintage pieces; it's completely my dream home.

I've been feeling very self-conscious and awkward lately- I don't know. I always have this gripping anxiety before I plunge into a new situation or meet people that I desperately want to like/ want to be liked by. Plus the hellish transcription job I assigned myself- WHY. I always do this to myself; I feel so unable to enjoy the start of the summer because of all these jobs that are cluttering up my life.

Back to the house. Is it not utterly divine? Swans off happily dreaming about my own future vintage barnhouse- somewhere in the South of France, I think, would be a good location ;)

Images from Côté Maison, via Automatism

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