May 29, 2012


I can't believe that I'm finally leaving for New York. After all the stress of securing an internship this semester, that moment when I received the call (I'd snuck out of Literary Theory because I saw the 212 phone number, and then that blinding happiness when she told me I got it), all the subsequent happy smug moments thinking about moving to my dream city and all the subsequent nervous stressed moments thinking about what moving across the country for 2 months and leaving my apartment and friends behind actually entailed - I cannot believe that I'm leaving Berkeley tonight!! 

I logically know it's not a huge move (I am moving into a household of Singaporeans after all), but:
goodbye Berkeley, goodbye oysters at Tomales Bay, goodbye wonky fridge, goodbye comfiest bed, goodbye string of family photos on my wall, goodbye sitting next to Dan driving down random freeways, goodbye traveling over an hour to get yummy food with friends in the backseat talking about coding languages, goodbye view outside my window, goodbye closet, goodbye room, goodbye sweater that I can't bring because my luggage's a stuffed beast.

But also:
hello New York, hello amazing summer with amazing friends tripping across the sun-hewned city, hello excursions emblazoned with humidity and helpless laughter, hello the great unknown of working in a job I am so proud and excited to have, hello to ADVENTURE and the thrill of BEING YOUNG in one of my favourite cities in the world!!

But first: figuring out how to close my suitcase. See you on the flipside

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