May 16, 2012

The most amazing pair of pants

I interrupt regular programming to say- GIRLS, BUY THESE PANTS. THEY ARE AMAZING. I was going to feature them in this week's Friday Favourites, but I am so terrified that they will sell out before you manage to purchase them and letting that happen is like letting CRIME HAPPEN. I am dead serious.

I've been looking for the perfect pair of tapered black pants for what seems like the longest time:
1. At J Crew: the Minnie Pant made my thighs look gross, their Cafe Capri just fit wrong on me; I think I'm between sizes for J Crew pants. Size 4 was too tight and squished in all the wrong places; size 6 was too loose and bunched up weirdly.
2. At Ann Taylor: No. The capri pants were too capri length- I was looking for a tapered pant that hit the top of my ankles and theirs hit squarely at my calf. Not a good look. They also didn't have any other tapered pant in the material I wanted (all they had was linen at that time).
3. At Zara: I thought the pants I saw online would be perfect (though I was nervous about the material- they were chinos, not the more formal pant material that I was looking for)- and then I went in-store to try them on because the pants I've bought from Zara have had irregular sizing to say the least- and they hadn't received the new shipment yet!! We were not meant to be.

I thought my perfect tapered black trousers was a MYSTICAL CREATURE that only existed in dreams with fairies and frolicking unicorns. And then during dead week, when hit with a restless bug only online shopping could fill, I found these amazing pants on Forever 21, of all places:

Ignore the styling, I know it's terrible. I got the navy one first to try them out, and I wore it out today. It's a little darker than I would have liked the navy to be but
The fit so well, they come pre-cuffed and hit just the top of my ankle, and they are just basically everything I've ever wanted in a pair of pants. They aren't lined, but the material is fairly thick and sturdy, so I don't really see that as a problem.
Plus they're $22.80, making them one of the cheapest and best pairs of pants in my closet.

I love them so much I actually just bought another pair (in black) today for wearing with my black blazer as a suit (and just because I love them okay?), and I had to purchase them online because I was terrified that they would be sold out in-store by the time I got there and then sell out online and then- yes. I am a little obsessed.

Get there here.

(For the record, I am 5'8/ 173cm, and a US size 4 with abnormally large hips, which is why I got these pants in a size 8- measured primarily based off my hips)

And yes, I just blogged an entire post about how much I love a pair of pants from Forever 21 but it is so insanely difficult to find a good-fitting pair of pants that this is practically a CIVIC DUTY to blog when a pair of pants as perfect as these come along.

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