May 2, 2012

So very thankful

It might be the end of semester cheesiness, but I was just suddenly filled with so much gratitude for my life today. I am terrible at remembering that I am blessed, but I am, so very much. It just blows my mind.

What I'm thankful for:

  1. My parents, who are so supportive of me in all the ways that count. They bug me to talk to them all the time, but they love me so much and are so willing to GIVE of themselves-- if I could be half as giving as they are, I think I would be a very good person. (Unfortunately I am not, but that's something to work on) I Skyped them on Saturday and they told me to stop studying and rest well instead ....I mean. Come on. I must have the most un-Asian Asian parents ever.
  2. Daniel. Today he drove to my apartment (3 blocks from where he lives) after work to get a folder that I forgot to bring to school, drove the folder to school to drop it off for me, and then drove back home where he initially came from !!!! I am so lucky to be in love with my best friend :)
  3. I've been very disappointed this semester-- I haven't had the best grades despite trying so hard, I ultimately didn't get a consulting offer, I got rejected from countless scholarships; I mean the list really goes on. But when I DO-- that happiness is really all the sweeter. I've been saying, "oh God will provide," but not really seeing how that's going to happen, but today I got awarded a $1,500 scholarship!! AND I got an A- on a paper for a class I currently have a B- in. AND I'm moving to New York in a month. Isn't that crazy?? I think it's so easy to think that I did this all on my own strength, but I know that it's not true. So many people have supported me, loved me, hugged me and encouraged me and I'm just overwhelmed with how truly blessed I am.
I might constantly reiterate this but I really think that this semester has taught me how to persevere, how to stay strong and true to myself, how to let God and trust that He will provide. So this is a note to my future self: Gen, when life seems hard, remember that they are just #firstworldproblems and that you'll get through it if only you HANG ON. Things will work out. Things will be fine. They will be more than fine-- they will be AWESOME (and sparkly, and twirly, and -yes, even- glow in the dark)

What a way to end my junior year :)

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