May 14, 2012

Two Ways: green pleated skirt

I got a calf-length green pleated skirt over Winter Break (when I went crazy in London and trawled Oxford Street at least 5 times in my 11 day vacation)-- it is a really gorgeous and perfect for twirling. So gorgeous and so affordable that two other friends purchased the exact same skirt, except thankfully we live on three different continents (Australia, Asia, and North America) so we will probably never see each other in the same outfit.

The only problem is that how I originally envisioned wearing it (with a white collared shirt) inevitably makes me think that I'm wearing a classier version of the RJ uniform (reference here, my class in all our spritely youth). So today's Two Ways: how to wear a long pleated green skirt that bears uncanny resemblance to a school uniform you wore for 2 years.

Polyvore set here

Saturday Farmers' Market
I am actually madly in love with this outfit and would totally wear this when Kim and I make our inevitable rounds of farmers markets and flea markets in New York this summer. I've been looking for an affordable chambray shirt (I thought I had hit the jackpot with one from Old Navy for $20 but ALAS it was sold out in my size)-- this one from American Eagle is almost twice the price (at $40), but still cheaper than many of the options out there (J Crew, I am snarling at you). How cute are those orange penny loafers?? I think a light brown would also do the trick, but I love the interesting pop of color against the green skirt.
An owl brooch because: who doesn't like owls?? (If you don't, we can't be friends. Sorry.) And I think that with the exception of Princess Kate and the Queen (and me- ha.), no one wears brooches anymore, which is a shame. Because this felt stuffed one is too adorable for words. Topped with a lightweight mustache tote bag and you're ready to roll!

Free Summer Concert
...And really I should be terming this admission-free summer evening concert/ casual date to outdoor concert. I chose this casual white t-shirt from Topshop, but really any loose-fitting scoop neck tee should do the trick. I really like the mix of colors (coral and blue) with the gold accents in the Zara necklace, American Apparel wallet, and Alloy shoes.
Full disclosure: I've had 3 pairs of Alloy shoes in my checkout bag for the past 3 days (this is one of them), but I've mercifully had the self-control to not purchase anything when I have over $100 worth of Forever 21 and Asos merchandise flying across the country into my eager arms.
Anyway, I think this is the perfect date outfit for the summer- easy, breezy, but the heels and the gold add a sophisticated (for summer) kick.

Summer in New York in two weeks!! I can hardly wait!

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