May 28, 2012

Two Ways: striped shirt

Full disclosure: I am obsessed with stripes. This should come as no surprise to those who have seen me in stripes at every conceivable occasion- I have 4 striped shirts and 2 striped dresses; it's a problem. But I think a classic sailor boat neck top is THE most versatile piece of clothing around and to prove it, a Two Ways post:

Polyvore set here.

Striped Top: Uniqlo ($24)

Firstly, THE TOP. I might actually go out and buy it because it's like $23 from Uniqlo and the perfect thin navy stripe. Would prefer it if it had bracelet length sleeves, but for $23 this really can't be beat.

For Coffee Chats
I mean this in a very specific sense: the kind of informal info sessions you set up with alumni who are now working at firms that you are looking at applying to. I think that the summer is the perfect time to plan such chats and to prepare for the Fall- this sounds terribly shady, but I've really enjoyed and appreciated everyone that I've spoken to. I think speaking to an actual employee (and not a recruiter) gives you a much better picture of the firm and their people/ culture (to me, the most important aspect of the job), and doing this over the summer means that you're ahead of the game come Fall, when everyone else is scrambling to set coffee chats up.

The J Crew Edie bag (how gorgeous is that shade of apple green??) is definitely the investment piece in this ensemble, but I think it elevates a fairly casual outfit into a "I am genuinely interested and taking this conversation/ meeting seriously," while the bright colour keeps it fun. Love the classic shape; can be used in a thousand other outfits. The red flats and the pants are just there for reference- I believe I have sufficiently rhapsodized about these Forever 21 pants (full gushing post here) which are my #1 top pick for black tapered pants; I'm sure you can get cheaper red flats out there (mine are £4 from Primark...), but these look like good basic flats if you're looking for a more long-lasting shoe.
Accessorize with a lightweight floral scarf- I actually REALLY like this scarf; I think it looks perfect with the stripes and the green bag. All in all, a nice business casual (leaning more casual, but definitely not sloppy) for an informal coffee chat.

For a Night out at the Theatre
Am I the only one who thinks that part of the enjoyment of going out to the theatre is the dressing up? There just isn't that same ring to it when you go out to a movie. Striped tops are typically used in more casual outfits, but I think that it can dress down overly formal accessories for those awkward in-between events like going to the theatre/ a more dressy dinner/ etc.

I used a pale jacquard skirt from Warehouse with a slight bell shape- so cute. I love the contrasting textures. Paired with a mustard clutch from Milk and Honey Handbags on Etsy- I love that it's vegan suede (this is the Berkeley student in me), is handmade, that purchasing this will be supporting small artists. Buying this bag is practically a civic duty to indie craftsmen everywhere!! Right? Right??
I love these crazy shoes from Zara, and I've been seriously coveting that pearl necklace from Kate Spade for the longest time. The gold bow clasp just kills me. This outfit would also look good with a dark chambray shirt actually.
I would pair this with some bright nail polish (I just bought Fearless, from Revlon- the perfect summery cherry red) and a bright red lip (I just got Evangeline's Red from L'Oreal on sale yesterday for $2.50 at Walgreen's- it is gorgeous). Clearly I went on a mini makeup shopping spree yesterday.

In other news- I leave for New York tomorrow! Good God, where has the time gone.

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  1. We are glad to see you starting with a stripedshirt staple that is also affordable! These $80 stripedshirts are ridiculous! Well done to pick something fairly priced