May 1, 2012

Weekend exploring

On Saturday, instead of studying and working on the 20 million other things I was supposed to be doing, I gave into the temptation of the beautiful day and left my house. Without bringing my Norton Anthology along.

I know. I am ashamed of myself, too.

We decided to go to Indian Rock Park, somewhere up in the Berkeley Hills. I do not recommend wearing slippers because they are wholly inadequate footwear. There are little steps carved into the rock though, and it was a gorgeously clear day and we could see the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate, and San Francisco winking at us from across the bay! There were a couple of folks more intelligent than us who brought a mat to lie out on and Cheeseboard to picnic with-- we're definitely returning with food!

And then we decided to go hang out in Rockridge and grab some dinner. Rockridge is the most charming neighborhood to spend an afternoon in. They have these adorable stores that sell the most random merchandise. Some pictures of dinner and my gleeful purchases:

We had dinner at Becky's Chinese Restaurant (of course we would; we are too Asian seriously). It was a pretty good deal for the amount of food we got, and they had the most charming porcelain tablewear! I also ducked into Pretty Penny--and emerged with a pair of Ferragamo heels and a blue pencil skirt with the cutest red piping!! For under $50 total! I have no idea if those shoes are legit, but they are the perfect starter pair to my heel collection (which currently comprises a pair of sensible black pumps for formal presentations and the like-- I am CLEARLY not a heels girl; I don't have the appropriate sense of balance)

Other places that were fun to explore in Rockridge: Rockridge Home (the most interesting place to get small gifts or random stuff for your home), Market Hall (gourmet food... aaahh!!), Phoenix Optical had lots of cute vintage frames. I was also really sad that Maison d'Etre and Nathan and Co. were closed but they look like interesting stores to explore too.

I consider it a HIGHLY successful day of adventure, eating, and shopping-- now back to the Bible I return.


  1. the blue skirt is GORGEOUS! and btw I am totally envious of all the sunshine you're getting. The UK has been terribly depressive after a manic March (which had us all thinking it was going to be an early summer!) *sobs*

    Take care gen & all the best for finals!

    1. haha thanks! I've been looking for some casual pencil skirts that are more A-line than the more formal suiting ones and this one was only $18! :) andddd haha that was SUCH an anomalous day! it's soooo overcast today. The crazy weather of the Bay! Thanks SarahP, and all the best for you too!!